KuWFi 300Mbps CPE Wireless Bridge 14DBi 1KM point-to-point WiFi Extender Outdoor

Item No.: B400
The B400 is a high-performance enterprise-class outdoor digital bridge that supports 802.11N technology. It operates in the 2.4G wireless band.It has unique digital tube pairing technology, can support up to 300Mbps wireless access speed in 2.4G 802.11N m
Five main points:
  • 【What is B400】 B400 is a 300Mbps outdoor wireless WiFi bridge. Support 1 configuration PT / PTMP connection, AP + bridge operation mode, more stable support main AP mode. Easy to establish PTP / PTMP connection, to meet the requirements of multiple Wi-Fi -Fi transmission schemes. MTK7628KN enterprise-level main chip, industrial-grade circuit design, supports IEEE802.11N protocol, can provide 300Mbps wireless access speed and 100Mbps Ethernet switching processing speed.
  • 【Ensure the user's network security at all times】The advanced WPA-PSK&WPA2-PSK encryption strategy is adopted to bridge the device, and the wireless terminal cannot be searched by bridging signal. It protects users' network from hackers' attacks and ensures users' data security.
  • 【 Point to Point for Wireless Coverage】Multi-Mode wireless wifi bridge with ethernet port and LED display: Support Wireless AP, Repeater operation mode; Support SSID broadcasting.Support DHCP server; WiFi coverage before 2 houses with 2KM distance.
  • 【Quick Setup】 Users do not need to understand too much wireless knowledge, nor do they need too much professional knowledge, just a few steps to achieve point-to-point pairing. Simple settings realize wireless optimization and improve the quality and effectiveness of link transmission. Simple and clear functions allow you to easily complete the system settings of the device and enhance the durability of the device.
  • 【Customer Service】Within 30 days from the date of purchase, return the undamaged Juhui product and get a full refund for any reason. For quality-related issues, a 12-month warranty is provided from the date of purchase for a period of 12 months. We will resolve all quality-related issues through replacement or full refund.

Product Description



  • Quick and easy to set up - You can set it up with a touch of a button
  • Small size, great use - Wireless Transmission/Wireless Monitoring/Wireless coverage


Main Feature


  • Outdoor Wireless CPE Bridge Waterproof, dust proof, lighting protection. with ABS waterproof, dust proof and sunscreen shell, avoid the damage from dust, thunderstorm weather.
  • Meantime, it adaptive to various environment, the working temperature can be normal at -40℃ to 70℃. Suit for any country.
  • Multi operation mode: Main AP mode,Slave AP mode , Point to point and point to multipoint (within 8 points)


Fast setting & powerful wireless optimization


  • The user does not need to know too much wireless knowledge, without too much professional knowledge, and can realize the pairing of point to point, point to point (within 8 points) in a few steps.
  • Simple settings can achieve wireless optimization, and improve the quality and effectiveness of link transmission.


Chipset MTK7628KN,300Mbps High Performance Enterprise Chip 8M RAM Inside 1MB Flash

1*10/100Mbps WAN Port, 1*10/100Mbps LAN Port

Antenna Inbuilt 12dBi Dual Polarization HG Directional Panel Antenna

Size:Length 188mm*Width 188 mm*Height 33 mm

Power :DC 12V 1A / POE 24V 1A