KuWFi Portable Mini Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot Router 150Mbps CAT4 With 2400mAH Battery

Item No.: R816
1. The device is equipped with a 4G network chip.  The best speeds are up to 150Mbps.
2. The router is easy to carry around and doesn't take up much space.
3. This is a must-have router for travel, put it in your pocket and enjoy WiFi anytime, anywher
frequency band:

B1/B3//B7/B8/B20@LTE FDD;
B38,B39,B40,B41@LTE TDD

Basic Feature
-- inernal antenna;

-- 2100mAh battery,about 5-8hours;

--mini/portable/pocket mbile 4g wifi router

--Power Supply:Micro USB Charging

--Max 10users

packing list:
1*4G Router
1*USB Cable(not support POE)
1*English Manual