KuWFi 5g CPE Router Ax3600 4000mah Wifi 6 Pocket Wifi Router 5g Router with Sim Card Slot

Item No.: C160
kuWFi C160 is 5G NR SA NSA AX3600 WiFi 6 CPE Router with SIM Card Slot , is designed to provide users with 5G/4G high-speed Internet access.supports main all frequency bands of most countries and operators in the world.5G cellular router supports 5G NR do
1.High-performance Wireless 5G SIM Router:
Supporting the maximum Sub-6 DL: 4.6Gbps / 2.7Gbps, UL:450Mbps . It provides high-quality data communication and optimized WiFi data transmission.

2.Plug in the SIM card, transmit 5G/ 4G WiFi signal:
With a SIM card slot and RJ45 ports, say goodbye to the trouble of no net available, plug in the card and have net anytime and anywhere. Build in 4000Mah bettery can use indoor and outdoor .

3.5G/4G to WiFi / 5G to cable:
After inserting the SIM card, can connect to the WiFi transmitted by the device to achieve wireless Internet access, or connect the LAN port of the device to the computer through a network cable to provide the computer with a network.

4.the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, which can provide more than 3.6Gbps of transmission speed, and uses OFDMA technology to connect more devices at the same time, making online content and game loading smoother. lts MU-MIMO technology allows multiple devices to enjoy more reliable and faster Wi-Fi connection at the same time. 
5. support 32users at the same time and  VPN  L2TP DMZ and  Port forwarding  support makre more Wider usage scenarios.