KuWFi 5.8G 450Mbps CPE Wireless Bridge Point to Point 1-2KM Outdoor WiFi Bridge

Item No.: CPE451
CPE451 is a high-performance enterprise-level outdoor network bridge product that works in the 5G frequency band and supports 802.11ac technology. Unique digital tube pairing technology, no need for computer configuration, easy to complete point-to-point,
Material: ABS
Color: White
FLASH Memory:8MB
DDR Memory:32MB
5.8G WiFi:Up to 450Mbps
RF Frequency Range:5180 GHz ~ 5825 GHz
Power Supply:Power Adapter DC 12V 1A
POE power :24V 0.5A
5GHz Channel: 149,153,157,161,165
Operating Temperature:-20~+70°C
Storage Temperature:-40~+85°C

Package Included:
2*8881 Wireless Bridge
2*POE Power Adapter (DC 12V 1A)
4*Plastic Hoop
1*Quick Start Guide

----Super cost-effective hardware configuration

Enterprise-level main control chip, industrial-level circuit design, supports IEEE802.11a/n/ac protocol, can provide 450Mbps wireless access speed and 10/100Mbps Ethernet switching processing speed. 
----Powerful wireless transmission capability

  The circuit design with high power and high receiving sensitivity, combined with high-gain directional plate antenna, greatly enhances the distance of wireless transmission and improves the performance and stability of wireless transmission

----Overview of the device overview at a glance

Log in to the device with a WEB browser to view the connection system status, bridge status, and interface status information in real time. The simple and clear interface allows users to know the working status of the device in real time
----Fool-like quick setup & powerful wireless optimization

Users do not need to know too much wireless knowledge or professional knowledge, and can realize the pairing of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint (within 8 points) devices in a few simple steps. Simple settings can complete wireless optimization, easily improve link transmission quality and use effect